What is a Bonus Hunt?

A bonus hunt is where you “hunt” bonuses by playing a slot until you get the bonus feature. When you get the bonus feature, you save the bonus for later, and add it to the list of bonuses you have hunted.

This means there are a few requirements for a bonus hunt to be possible:

  • The slots have to have a bonus feature with free spins.
  • You have to remember to exit the game before the bonus starts.
  • You have to write down what bonuses you have, to remember it.
  • You have to be allowed to do a bonus hunt by the casino.
  • You have to have a decent balance, to hunt more than one bonus.

A Bonus Hunt Example

An example of a bonus hunt could be a streamer with a balance of $100, he chooses to do a bonus hunt with $1 spins. He starts out on Book Of Dead and on his spin number 50 he gets the bonus feature. Before the bonus starts he closes the slot and writes down the bonus on a list. Now he goes to Divine Fortune and gets a bonus on his spin number 25, he then quickly closes the slot once again, and adds Divine fortune to the list of bonuses as well.

The list now has two bonuses listed, and he still has balance left, so he goes to a third slot, and plays, but gets no bonus. He stops playing with a balance of $1 and then proceeds to open up Book Of Dead, where the bonus from earlier is saved. He can now play through the Book Of Dead bonus, and afterwards go straight to Divine Fortune, having a bonus there as well.

Most streamers do bonus hunts if they get a nice win on their wager, and therefore have a big balance available. Then they hunt as many bonuses as possible, and open them all just before they reach a balance of 0.

The reason they have to stop hunting before they reach a balance of 0 is due to many of the bonus hunts being made on a wager, and when you’re on a wager you aren’t allowed to reach a balance of 0, since this could interfere with the wagering process.

Why Do They Do Bonus Hunts?

Many streamers do bonus hunts due to the fact that their viewers love to see the opening of it. This means that they can reach a huge amount of viewers when opening the complete list of bonuses, and then boost their channel organically through their content.

Many streamers also include their viewers in the bonus hunts taking slot requests, making guessing contests where they have to guess on the result of all bonuses, and sometimes also gives away an amount of the winnings.

When they open the bonuses, many streamers also make sure to include their viewers by using a stream plugin to make it possible for the viewers to click on the screen. This plugin is used for bonuses, where you have to choose an option, before the bonus starts. This could be on a slot like Dead or Alive 2, where you have to choose the bonus you would like.

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