Crazy Time Guide

In june 2020 Evolution Gaming released one of their newest games by the name Crazy Time. The game is a live casino game with a live dealer, a bunch of bonuses, and a layout that reminds some casino players about Monopoly Live, and other games from Evolution Gaming. Learning how to play Crazy Time is fairly easy, and we will cover all the different aspects in this Crazy Time Guide.

How to Play Crazy Time

First of all you have to find an online casino that offers crazy time as one of their live casino games. Crazy time is unfortunately not available in all regions, making it hard for some players to find a casino with the game available. Click here to see all of the casinos with Evolution Gaming available listed on BonusCatalog.

After finding a casino where Crazy Time is available for you, you simply just have to make a deposit, and open up the game. When the game opens, a colorful studio opens up with a big wheel, like you might know it from Dream Catcher or Monopoly Live.

Below the wheel you’ll find eight squares, which are all different ways of placing a bet on Crazy Time. Each square is attached to a field on the wheel, meaning if you place a bet on a square, and the pin stops on a field that matches that square, you’ll win.

The bets available on Crazy Time are:

1x1x + the original bet
2x2x + the original bet
5x5x + the original bet
10x10x + the original bet
Coin FlipSpecial Bonus Game
Cash HuntSpecial Bonus Game
PachinkoSpecial Bonus Game
Crazy TimeSpecial Bonus Game

Bonus Games

Crazy Time comes with four different bonus games, giving a thrilling experience to all players. Besides the bonus games, there’s also a special feature worth mentioning. The special feature is a multiplier feature that adds a multiplier to your bet, this feature can apply to any of the eight bets available. 

Coin Flip

If the wheel lands on a coin flip field, the bonus game will start. The coin flip is very simple, and consists of a coin with two sides. The two sides are red and blue, and each side will get a multiplier value assigned to it. The coin will flip, and the multiplier assigned to the color that lands face up, is what your bet will be multiplied with. The maximum win available on Coin Flip is up to 5.000x.

Cash Hunt

The cash hunt bonus is a screen with 108 random multipliers. When the bonus game opens up, all multipliers are briefly shown, before they’re transformed to symbols and randomized afterwards. After being randomized all players have to pick a symbol, and the multiplier hiding behind the symbol is the multiplier won. The maximum win available on cash hunt is 25.000.


When Pachinko is selected by the wheel, a big purple board shows up with prizes at the bottom. The board is filled with pins that force the ball to get randomly down to the bottom. There’s 16 different drop zones and multipliers, and the drop zone is selected randomly. The maximum win on Pachinko is up to 100.000x!

Crazy Time

The ultimate bonus game is the Crazy Time bonus game. When this bonus is hit a new wheel will show up on the screen with 3 flappers that marks the stop points. Before the game starts all players who placed a bet on the Crazy Time bonus game have to pick a color, having green, red and yellow to choose from. Each color is attached to one of the flappers at the top.

If the base multiplier gets up to 50x, it’s possible to win up to 160,000x your bet. This is only possible if the flapper stops a couple of times on a double.


Evolution Gaming has outdone themselves when they released Crazy Time. The game is both thrilling, fun and comes with a chance of high payouts. With its awesome prizes and high volatility we believe it’s going to stay popular for years to come.

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