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In February 2019, Evolution Gaming released a new game show for the live casino section called Dream Catcher. The game is a money wheel game with a RTP of 90.57% to 96.58% and the minimum bet goes as low as €0.10. The maximum win on the game is €500.000, which can be achieved by hitting a 40x with a 7x multiplier.

The game took the online casino world by storm, and has since then been very popular among many casino players. Today there’s several games that look alike, but none of them are the same. From Evolution Gaming there’s also games such as Monopoly Live and Crazy Time.

How to play Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a money wheel game that is placed in a live studio with a live dealer who operates as a game host. The wheel has a flapper at top, which defines what number is the winning number. There’s a total of 54 fields on the wheel, and the fields shown are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 2x multiplier and 7x multiplier. All the numbers on the wheel represent the multiplier received from winning on the number hit.

To play Dream Catcher you first have to find a casino that offers the game to their players. This can be found by checking out our list of evolution gaming casinos. After a casino has been selected, you just have to open up the game, and then you’ll be met with a studio consisting of a game host and the Dream Catcher Wheel.

Players have a timeframe of 15 seconds to place a bet, and the minimum bet size allowed goes as low as €0.10, where the maximum bet size can go up to €10,000. The limits depend on the casino the game is played on. There’s six different numbers available to bet on, and these are also the numbers seen on the wheel. Besides the numbers there’s a field called 2x multiplier and a field called 7x multiplier. Both fields upgrade the multiplier on all numbers depending on the field it lands on.

When the 15 seconds run out, the game host spins the wheel and after a short amount of time, the Dream Catcher wheel will stop on a random number. All players who bet on this number win. 

Dream Catcher Volatility

Dream Catcher is a highly volatile game. The higher the multiplier you bet on, the lower the chance of winning. Out of the 54 fields there’s only a single field representing 40x and two fields representing 20x. Betting on either of these, numbers can be very risky, but is where it’s possible to get the big wins.

The fact that there’s two fields that upgrade the multiplier on all bets allows players who like to place bets on the lower numbers a chance of winning big as well. If the 7x field is hit, a €2 bet on 2x pays back the money 14 times instead of just 2.

The winnings can be calculated by:

  • Bet size x multiplier
  • If you place a bet of €10 on 10, you’ll win 10×10 = €100.

If a multiplier field is hit, the calculation is:

  • Bet size x multiplier x multiplier.
  • If you place a bet of €10 on 10 and the wheel stops on 7x multiplier, and afterwards on 10, you’ll win 10x10x7 = €700.
  • If you place a bet of €10 on 10 and the wheel stops on 7x multiplier first, 2x multiplier afterwards, and then on 10 in the end. The total win would be 10x10x7x2 = €1400.

There’s no limit of the amount of times the wheel can stop on a multiplier, so in theory it could keep adding up several times in a row. The only limit is the maximum win, which is €500,000 on a single bet. For this to happen the 7x multiplier had to be hit more than 6 times in a row with a €10 bet on 10.

The chance of winning on each number can be seen in the table below:

2x multiplier1,85%
7x multiplier1,85%

On Evolution Gaming Dream Catcher, it’s possible to place a bet on multiple numbers, making it possible to increase your chance of winning. The bet amount on each number does not have to be the same, which means it’s possible to place a low bet on the high numbers, while having a higher bet on the low numbers.

An example of this could be:

A player places a bet of €2 on 40 and 20 and then places a bet of €5 on 2. The flapper stops on the number 2 and the player wins €10. This gives a profit of €1. If the flapper had stopped at any other number than the numbers 40, 20 and 2. The player would have lost.

Conclusion on Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher quickly became popular among casino players and is an easy to learn game. This makes it amusing and fun for both new players, but also for the experienced players who are looking for a new type of game, where it’s also possible to be social with the chat. With an RTP of up to 96.58%, the game pays back as much as most slots, which also makes it attractive for longer sessions.

By running it as a game show, where the dealer actively talks to the chat and with great energy makes sure to entertain as well, it gives a completely new type of experience while playing. All the lights, sounds and camera angles increases this experience even further, making it feel like the players are participating in a TV show.

In conclusion, the game is a fun and amusing new type of live casino game that provides an enjoyable session to all casino players. The game is great for all types of players, no matter if they’re high rollers, low rollers, high risk or low risk players. With all the different ways of placing a bet, it’s possible for each player to customize their session after their liking. All of this makes it a great luck-based live casino game that we can highly recommend.

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