Do you find it hard to figure out what all the different kinds of bonuses are, how they work, and what they really do? Then this is the guide for you. We will try to explain the most common questions and issues regarding casino bonuses.


Different types of bonuses

When talking about casino bonuses, there’s a lot of different types and they’re all great in their own way. The most common bonuses are deposit bonuses, no-sticky bonuses, half sticky bonuses and free spins bonuses.

Deposit bonuses

A deposit bonus is the most common type of casino bonuses. This is the usual bonus you can get, when you sign up on a new casino. A typical welcome bonus is 100% extra on top of your first deposit, giving you double the amount to play with.

When you use a deposit bonus you have to read the Terms and Conditions, to be sure what the rules are for that specific bonus. Almost no casino uses the same rules, and there’s most likely a wager requirement, a max cashout or even a max deposit tied to a deposit bonus.

There’s also rules about how much you’re allowed to bet on each spin, what game modes you wager the most on and some game modes you aren’t allowed to play while on a deposit bonus.

No-Sticky bonuses

A no-sticky bonus is an upgrade of the regular deposit bonus. Many casinos offer it as a welcome offer instead of the usual deposit bonus. The no-sticky bonus is similar to the normal deposit bonus in many ways, since they’re usually offered with a percentage on top of your deposit.

The real difference from a normal bonus to the no-sticky is that you play for your own money first, and the casino's money afterwards. This means that if you win big before getting to the bonus money, you are able to withdraw instantly, and have no wager. If you choose to make a withdrawal before reaching the bonus money, you will lose the bonus money and cancel the bonus.

If you lose all of your own money and start using the bonus money, you will automatically start your wager. This means you have to wager the money as if it were a normal deposit bonus. When the bonus money wager has started, you won’t be able to withdraw before the wager is done, not even if you get above your starting balance.

Half-Sticky bonuses

Some casinos offer a new type of no-sticky bonus, we have chosen to call it a half-sticky bonus. The half-sticky bonus is much similar to the no-sticky bonus, the difference is just that you wager from when you start playing, but you’re always able to withdraw. This means if you win big early in the wager, you’re able to withdraw most of the money, with a part of it being locked to the wager.

When you wager on a half-sticky bonus, half of your bet is taken from bonus money, and half of it is taken from your real money. This means if you make a bet of $1 half of it is from the bonus money, and the other half is from your real money balance.

When wagering on a half-sticky bonus it’s always good to think about what is smartest to do. By this we mean what is smartest to do when you’re winning big. Is it smartest to withdraw instantly, or is it smarter to wager through your wager before withdrawing. This question can only be answered by yourself, and if you think you’re long enough in the wager to get a bigger withdrawal by finishing it, then you should wait.

Free Spins bonuses

Free spins are usually part of promotions and giveaways. They’re usually added on top of deposit bonuses or used as a way to maintain their customers. Free spins is a way to get spins on a slot without having to pay for the spin. The winnings you get from the spin usually have to be wagered before you’ll be able to withdraw it, but this varies from casino to casino.

Free spins are usually not worth much for each spin, but if it’s your lucky day, you might be able to get a nice cashout without spending anything yourself.

Where can I get bonuses?

Bonuses are available through welcome offers, promotions, giveaways and loyalty schemes/VIP programs.

How the casino offers a bonus varies a lot from casino to casino. Some casinos do it more often than other casinos, and some casinos even use it as a big part of their loyalty scheme or VIP program.

The bonus available on each casino is typically different depending on what country you’re from. Some countries have strict rules about wagering and bonuses that the casinos have to follow.

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