Learn how to play Lightning Roulette easily

If you love thunder and lightning, this game is made just for you. Imagine playing live roulette, but with a twist, making it possible to win up to 500x on a single spin. The unique Lightning Roulette Game is a completely different type of roulette created by Evolution Gaming. It comes with a different kind of thrill and excitement, and a different set of rules than the usual Roulette, as you might know it.

What is lightning roulette about?

Evolution Gaming has managed to create a combination of the best of both worlds, by combining the traditional roulette with advanced RNG gaming experiences. Lightning Roulette still gives the usual Roulette experience, but Evolution Gaming has added a twist to the game by adding Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts.

How to Play Lightning Roulette

Playing Lightning Roulette is fairly easy. It all comes down to the strategy you want to use as a casino player. The bet size varies depending on the casino you choose to play on. Some casinos allow bets up to €10.000 where others only allow up to €2.000.

Playing Lightning Roulette over the normal European Roulette is only different, if a player enjoys placing bets directly on numbers. Placing a bet directly on a number is the only way to have a chance of getting Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts.

Follow these 5 steps to start playing lightning roulette:

1. Open The Game

Go to your favourite online casino that has Lightning Roulette available. Search for the game, and open it up. When opened the Evolution Gaming live studio will come up, where a host presents the game.

2. Select The Bet Size

When the game has been opened up, it’s important to choose the preferred bet size, before starting to play. This is done by selecting the Chip with the preferred value. The Chips value varies from €0.20 to €100

3. Place your Bets

When the preferred bet size has been selected, it’s time to place a bet. The bet has to be made directly on a number, to get a chance of having one of the lucky numbers in a round. All regular roulette bets are available, but no extra multiplier will be available on these.

4. Lucky Numbers are found

When betting is closed, and the host pulls the lever, the lucky numbers are found. Each round between 1 and 5 lucky numbers are randomly determined. The lucky numbers get a multiplier between 50x and 500x.

5. The winning number is found

Like normal roulette, the winning number is found when the ball stops on a number. If the ball stops on a number you’ve placed a bet on, you’ll get paid. After this a new round starts.

Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts

Lightning Roulette is basically the usual European Live Roulette, but with quite a big twist. When playing Lightning Roulette, each round comes with up to 5 Lucky Numbers that are generated randomly. When a number is transformed to a Lucky Number, the payout of the number is transformed to a Lucky Payout. This means the multiplier on the number is upgraded from the 30x it usually pays to a multiplier of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x or 500x.

Each round comes with 1 to 5 different Lucky Numbers, where the multiplier is changed to between 50x and 500x the bet size.

Lightning Roulette comes with a straight bet multiplier of 30x instead of the usual 36x.  This means numbers that aren’t transformed to a lightning payout will pay the bet placed times 30. All other bets like splits, corners, red/black and dozens have the same payout as the normal Roulette.

Lightning Roulette Conclusion

In conclusion Lightning Roulette is a really fun and great way to play roulette. The lucky numbers and lucky payouts adds a whole new level of excitement to the game, and changes the whole experience when playing roulette. Lightning Roulette is a great way for players to change up roulette as they know it, and at the same time get the chance to win a whole lot more on a single bet, if they manage to hit a lucky number.

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