Mega Ball Guide

At first glance Mega Ball looks like an upgraded type of Bingo, but when you look deeper into the game, it’s very different. The game is a live casino game hosted and invented by Evolution Gaming. It consists of 51 multi-colored numbered balls, that are flying around in a custom-built ball drawing machine. In each game the host will draw a total of 21 balls and give the players a chance of winning up to 1,000,000x their bet. The game comes with a RTP of 95.50%, which makes it able to compete with most slot machines.

How to play Mega Ball

Learning how to play Mega Ball takes no longer than 5 minutes, and can be explained through five easy steps.

  1. Open up Mega Ball

On your preferred online casino go to the live casino section. Click on Mega Ball, and wait for the game to open up. As the game opens you’ll be presented with the Evolution Gaming live studio, where their dedicated game host will present the Mega Ball game.

  1. Place your bets

When the game has opened up you place a bet by going to the bottom of your screen. On the bottom of the screen it’s possible to change the bet value, which is the value you’ll pay for each card bought. The minimum bet is €0.10 and the maximum is €100

After choosing the desired bet value you have to buy the amount of cards you want to play in the next round. The minimum number of cards is 1 where the maximum are 200 cards per game.

  1. The balls are drawn

The 20 winning numbers are drawn from the 51 balls available, and as they show up on the screen, they’ll be marked on your cards automatically. A complete row has to be filled to win, and the more rows that get filled, the bigger the win. 

The numbers you need in order to win will be highlighted above the cards together with the possible winnings if these numbers are drawn.

  1. The multiplier is found

After finding the 20 winning numbers a multiplier is found on the big wheel. The minimum multiplier is 5x and the maximum multiplier is 100x. The multiplier is used for the Mega Ball number drawn afterwards.

  1. The Mega Ball is drawn

When the multiplier has been found, the mega ball is drawn. If the mega ball number completes a row or more, the winnings are multiplied with the multiplier found before drawing the mega ball.

After finding the mega ball, all winners are paid their winnings, and the next game starts.

Payouts on Mega Ball

When playing mega ball, the amount won depends on the amount of lines filled on your cards. Each card comes with 24 numbers and a total of 12 lines possible. The middle spot on all cards is empty, but it’s still possible to get a line going through it. The payouts given on a single card depends on the amount of lines made on that card.

  • A single line pays 1x your bet
  • Two lines pays 5x your bet
  • Three lines pays 50x your bet
  • Four lines pays 250x your bet
  • Five lines pays 1,000x your bet
  • 6 lines or more pays 10,000x your bet

An example of the payouts could be if you decide to play a game of Mega Ball, where you buy 5 cards with a value of €1 each. The total bet amount is €5 for the round. After the cards are bought, the game starts and you get a single line on two of your cards. This gives a total payout of €2, making you lose a total of €3 on that round.

In the next round, you decide to go with the same strategy and buy 5 cards again. The cards have the same value as the game before, and your total bet is therefore €5. In this round you manage to get a total of three lines on a single card, but no lines on the other cards. This gives you a total win of €50 and a profit of €45.

If one of the lines were completed by the mega ball number that was drawn last, the winnings would have been multiplied. An example could be that a multiplier of 5x is found, and the mega ball number completes your third line. This gives you a total win of 1 * 50 * 5 = €250, if the card was bought for €1.

Mega Ball Guide Conclusion

In conclusion, Evolution Gaming have re-invented a very popular and famous game that has been around for many years. Mega Ball is a fun and thrilling game that is easy to learn, and with a high RTP are attractive for many players, both new and experienced. The fact that it’s possible to win big, no matter if you like to place high bets or low bets, makes the game even better. 

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