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Merry Xmas (Play’n Go)

Slot by: Play'n Go

Slot review: Merry Xmas (Play’n Go)

Feel your adrenaline pumping and the excitement growing in you, when you play Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) made by Play’n Go! This online video slot has every feature experienced players want, and when you play Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) you have the chance to win your bet up to N/A back. On top you get sounds and a visual side that will help you to enjoy Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) more. How can you ignore that? Prepare for an exciting adventure with Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) and perhaps you will be the next big Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) winner!

Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) – RTP

With and RTP of 93.96% Merry Xmas (Play’n Go)is ranging in the low end of online slots. What it means for the player, is that their is a chance that they will experience fewer returns on their bets, compared to a online slot machinewith a high RTP. Despite the low RTP Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) is still a truly exciting slot machine.


Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) offers a volatility that is Medium that means that it is a online slot, that gives you the best of both low and high volatility slot machines.


Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) is a unique slot from Play’n Go who is known for making some of the best slots on the market. Play’n Go has managed to make the perfect combination between graphics and gameplay, making Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) a slot that is bound to be popular among most fans. The credentials and reputation of Play’n Go speaks for itself and everyone that knows just a bit about the world of slot machines, will agree to this.

Theme of Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) is centered around the theme Holidays theme. The theme provides the player with a environment that will enable them to connect wit the slot in a more focused way. Even if this is the only theme in Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) it doesn’t make it less exciting to play. On the contrary it makes the gameplay more focused and gives the player the feeling of being one withthe slot.

Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) Features

When playing Merry Xmas (Play’n Go), you’ll be introduced to 5 game features. Features that are there to make the game captivating, and to give a exciting experience when you’re placing your bets. Some of the features can possibly be very benefitial for the player and will not only create an exciting experience, but also create a chance of winning really big! This alone gives you all the incitement you need to start playing Merry Xmas (Play’n Go). What holds you back?

The features you’ll find on Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) is:

  • Bonus Game
  • BonusGame: Pick Objects
  • Risk/Gamble (Double) game
  • RTP range
  • Wild

Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) on mobile

Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) are accessible on most smartphones and tablets. So if you prefer to play on your mobile device this is possible. If you want to be certain that your mobile device supports Merry Xmas (Play’n Go), you can see this information on the homepage of the casino or the Play’n Go.

Conclusion: Merry Xmas (Play’n Go)

To finalize this review we find that Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) is a great and fun slot, that will provide many hours of joy. The 5 features available in the game and the RTP of 93.96% brings a lot of variation to the table, when it comes to what happens on every spin. The maximum win for a single spin is N/A which will give the player with a great chance of getting big wins and with the possibility of playing the slot on smartphones or tablets, there is not a lot of negative things to say about Merry Xmas (Play’n Go). The bet size goes from €0.01 and up to €18.75 on every single spin. This is a great feature added by Play’n Go because it makes the slot available to players with lower stacks.

Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) – Related Slots

If you enjoy playing Merry Xmas (Play’n Go), you might also enjoy to play some of the similar slots available! We have knowledge of a total of 11 related slots that either have some of the same features, are in the same category or is made in the same theme as Merry Xmas (Play’n Go). Not all of the slots come from the same developer, but many of the developers like to get inspiration from one another, and therefore it isn’t guaranteed that the related slots are from the same one.

Some of the related slots that we know of are:

  • Fruit Shop Christmas Edition
  • Secrets of Christmas
  • Holiday Season
  • Xmas Magic
  • Secret Santa
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Jingle Jackpot
  • Flowers Christmas Edition
  • Winter Wongaland
  • Xmas Wishes
  • Merry Xmas (Dream Tech)

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Will I have to pay to play Merry Xmas (Play’n Go)?
Play’n Go made sure sure that Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) also can be played by players just playing for entertainment.

Can you play Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) from your mobile device?
Yes. You are able to play Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) on your tablet or smartphone.

How do I win when playing Merry Xmas (Play’n Go)?
Luck is your only way to win when you play Merry Xmas (Play’n Go). There are no shortcuts.

Are Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) offering features?
Yes. Merry Xmas (Play’n Go) offers multiple features such as Bonus Game, BonusGame: Pick Objects, Risk/Gamble (Double) game, RTP range and one other.

Merry Xmas (Play’n Go)Info

Provider: Play'n Go
Release date: 18-11-2014
Type: Video Slots
RTP: 93.96
Volatility: Mid
Max Win: N/A
Min bet €: 0.01
Max bet €: 18.75
Layout: 5-3
Paylines/Betways: 15
Features: Bonus Game, BonusGame: Pick Objects, Risk/Gamble (Double) game, RTP range, Wild
Theme: Holidays theme
Objects: Bell, Candle
Others: Red, White, Joy, Lightness, Santa Claus, Sparks, Deer, Mountains, Snow, Christmas and New Year, Candy cane, Drinks
Mobile: Yes
Technology: JS, HTML5

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