Reactoonz Slot Review

Slot by: Play'n Go

In the beginning of October 2017, Play’ N Go released their first version of Reactoonz, which is a prequel to the slot Energoonz. Reactoonz has since then grown really popular, and in October 2020 they released Reactoonz 2, that comes with an updated gameplay and extra features. The maximum win on the slot is 4750x or up to 91406 coins, and it comes with a RTP of 96.00%

Reactoonz Theme

Reactoonz is a playful parallel universe charged with stellar power and prizes. The game comes with animated aliens that drop from the heavens and land to occupy the 7×7 game grid. Each cluster of 5 or more aliens of the same race is equal to a win. The larger the cluster, the greater the profit. In the game players will be presented with flux capacitors which serve as wild symbols.

For each winning cluster energy is transferred to the power-hungry Gargantoon, who waits on his base, planning his invasion. When the “battery” is fully charged, Garga grows and jumps onto the grid.

Quantum Features

While making connections in clusters of 5 or more, the battery is charged little by little. Every time the bar goes to 100% a mini feature is awarded, and added to the grid. There’s a total of four different features available, and the features are given randomly, making it possible to receive the same mini feature several times in a row. To get the bonus the progress bar has to be filled five times, where the first four times are for mini features and the fifth time is for the Gargantoon bonus.

The Implosion Feature

The Implosion feature is shown in the “battery” as a yellow orb, and will change 3 to 6 symbols to wilds. All symbols surrounding the wilds are destroyed, and then new symbols are dropped into the grid.

The Alteration Feature

The Alteration feature is shown as a green orb, and when obtained it will pick a random low paying symbol and transform all instances of that symbol into another symbol. The low paying symbols are one eyed, and the feature can’t change them into wilds.

The Demolition Feature

The Demolition feature is a red orb in the “battery”, and this feature destroys all low-paying symbols with a lightning storm when activated. This makes room for new symbols to drop down in the grid, and gives a higher chance for the higher paying symbols to cluster together and thereby give a better win.

The Incision Feature

The Incision Feature is a blue orb, and this feature transforms the centre of the grid to a wild, where it afterwards transforms 2 intersecting diagonal lines across the grid to a random symbol. This feature can change it to wilds.

Giantoonz Feature

While playing it’s possible to get the Giantoonz feature. The feature is automatically activated if four matching aliens fall next to each other, in the form of a square. When the feature is activated, they’ll be transformed to one Giantoonz. If a Giantoon is part of a winning cluster, the win from that connection will be doubled.

Fluctuation Symbols

On every new spin a low paying symbol is randomly chosen as the fluctuation symbol. The symbol chosen will get a glow added in the background. If any of the marked symbols are part of a winning combination, they will leave 2 wild symbols behind. Wilds are substitute for all symbols, but if no win is made, the wilds will disappear and a new fluctuation symbol will be chosen.

Instability Feature

While playing the base game it’s possible to get between four and eight wild symbols randomly added to the board. This happens through the instability feature, which might be activated, when there’s no connections at all on a new spin.

Gargantoon Bonus

If the Quantum queue (the “battery”) gets filled all the way up, the 3×3 sized Gargantoon monster “jumps” onto the board, where it’ll appear as a big wild, and substitute all symbols, making it possible to get huge wins.

After the first connections are made the Gargantoon will split into two 2×2 monsters that also operate as wilds, and in the end split into 9 individual wild symbols.

Before the monster moves and splits up, new symbols are dropped down, filling up the grid and making it possible for new clusters to be made.

Reactoonz Payouts and RTP

The payouts on Reactoonz is defined by the amount of symbols connecting in a cluster. Besides the amount of symbols connecting, the Giantoon feature can also upgrade the payouts. With an RTP of 96.51% the slot is classified as an average RTP slot, and due to the high volatility, players will see lots of small wins while playing it.

In terms of payouts, we have decided to add the payouts to the below table, making it possible to easily see what a connection pays.

Amount/Symbol Pink Premium Green Premium Orange Premium Blue Premium Purple Orange Green Yellow
15+ 750x 300x 150x 75x 10x 10x 3x 3x
12+ 50x 25x 10x 5x 3x 3x 1x 1x
10+ 20x 10x 5x 3x 1x 1x 0.80x 0.80x
9 8x 4x 3x 2x 0.80x 0.80x 0.60x 0.60x
8 5x 3x 2x 1.50x 0.60x 0.60x 0.30x 0.30x
7 3x 2x 1x 1x 0.40x 0.40x 0.20x 0.20x
6 2x 1x 0.80x 0.70x 0.20x 0.20x 0.15x 0.15x
5 1x 0.80x 0.60x 0.50x 0.15x 0.15x 0.10x 0.10x

Reactoonz on Mobile

When Play’N Go released the game in 2017 they made sure it was optimized for mobile users as well. This makes it possible to play Reactoonz on both smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. It doesn’t matter if the mobile device runs on iOS or Android, as the game will work on both.


In conclusion, Reactoonz is a fun game that comes with a lot of different features. Each feature gives all players a different experience, and keeps the game interesting for a long session. The design of the game gives a futuristic feeling, and with the sound effects and music added, the game comes to life. Ultimately Reactoonz is a highly volatile slot that comes with a lot of small wins and a few lucky big ones, and it’s perfect for the players who love ongoing action throughout a session.

Do you want to try out Reactoonz?

If you want to try out Reactoonz, we recommend checking out our Play’N Go section of our website, where we have compiled a list of casinos we work with, who are working with them as a provider. Make sure to gamble responsibly, and if a bonus is used, make sure to check Reactoonz is allowed while wagering.

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