Snake Arena

Slot by: Relax Gaming

Snake Arena is a casino slot developed by Relax Gaming. The setting of the game is a majestic battle between knights and a monstrous snake. Along the journey of the game, the giant snake will grow in length, in the same way as in the legendary Snake Game.

Snake Arena – Slot Review

Snake Arena is a casino slot developed by Relax Gaming. The setting of the game is a majestic battle between knights and a monstrous snake. When the knights found this place filled with treasure, guarded by a gigantic snake, it was probably at bit naive to think that it would be easy to secure the gold. To defeat this enormous snake and get away with the treasure is an almost impossible task, especially because the snake loves to feast on knights and has the ability to open its jaw up to a 150-degree angle and swallow its prey in one piece. No wonder that the snake is such a mythical and fascinating creature. Enough about the snake, let’s take a closer look into the slot.

Snake Arena is a popular video slot developed by Relax Gaming, that has 5 reels, 5 rows and 30 paylines. The maximum bet is 100 and the minimum 0.10. Compared to other games, it can feel like it takes longer time before a win is generated, but this could be because of the high volatility in the game. When the win comes it would also be higher because of the mentioned high volatility. The RTP of the game is 96.25% and the Hit frequency is at 22.92% meaning that it is possible to win up to 2758X the bet. To reach the maximum win in this epic battle between knights and the snake, there are several features that can help the player. These features are Wild Symbol, Free Spins, Wild Chase and Bonus Buy.

The design of the game consists of a knight theme with a monstrous snake that love nothing more than eating up delicious knights. Behind the 5 reels, in the background, you can see the epic battleground. The arena looks quiet and peaceful at first glance, but the silence is quickly broken by owls and howling wolves. When you start the game music will begin to play and set up the atmosphere. To get a winning combination you have to land 3 or more of the same symbols on connecting reels starting from the far left.

The highest paying symbols is the gold ring and the royal crown. If you get 5 of the same symbol types, it gives back 10 to 20X your bet. The medium paying symbols is the beer mug and the piece of meat. If you get 5 of the same symbol types, it will give back 4 to 5X your bet. The lowest paying symbols is the coins that comes in the colors black, blue, bronze and gold. If you get 5 of the same symbol types, it will give 2X the bet. The Wild and scatter symbols of the game, consists of the knight and the snake. Let’s take a closer look at what these features do.

Snake Arena – Slot Features

The four features in Snake Arena are Wild Symbols, Free Spins, Wild Chase and Bonus Buy.

Wild Symbols

The Wild symbols of the game is both the snake and the knight, which helps to make more winning combinations because they replace all the other symbols.

Free Spins

If you land the knight and the snake symbol simultaneously it will activate the Free Spin feature. At every new spin, the snake will move towards the knight to devour him. Every time the snake successfully eats the knight, it will grow in length and thereby making the Wild symbol longer and at the same time generate more winning combinations. If the body of the snake gets in the way of the head, it will bite itself and thereby end the Free Spins feature. If you manage to avoid the snake biting itself and grow it so big that it covers all reels, then you will unlock a bonus prize of 1000X your bet.

Wild Chase

The Wild Chase feature can be randomly activated and can get you from 1 to 5 Wild Reels. This will happen if the knight and the snake meet on the same reel.

Bonus Buy

If you want to skip the spins and go directly to the Free Spins feature, this is possible with the Bonus Buy feature. You will have to pay 70X your bet and then land both the knight and the snake and thereby active the feature.

Snake Arena – Conclusion

The Snake Arena slot by Relax Gaming, is truly an interesting and exciting game. It is action packed as the knights are not allowed to relax at any moment, because they are constantly hunted by the enormous snake. The gameplay gives flashbacks to the legendary Snake Game on Nokia 3310. The game itself gives you exciting and entertaining spins, with both the snake and the knight featuring as a Wild Symbol. Once in a while during spins, the Wild Chase feature can be activated and reward you with 1 to 5 Wild reels, possibly creating numerous winning combinations. Even though these Wilds are appreciated to get, it is in the Free Spin feature you will see the giant Wild can be created. Because all parts of the snake are considered Wilds, it can result in massive winning combinations. If you are so lucky to fill all the reels, you will, on top, get a 1000X instant prize.

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