Cash-O-Matic is a brand new type of slot that was released by NetEnt in 2019. The layout of the game is different from what has been seen before, and the slot comes with a RTP of 96.33%. It’s considered a high volatile slot and the max win is 2000x the initial stake.

Cash-O-Matic Base Game
Cash-O-Matic Base Game

Cash-O-Matic Theme

The Cash-O-Matic slot comes with a golden theme and some happy music that makes you feel like you’re in a carnival spinning on a slot. The game comes with 10 different paying symbols, that ranges from 10-J-Q-K-A to colorful gems. The highest paying symbol is a red star like gem.

There’s no wilds on the game, but a multiplier that goes up for each complete row made in a single spin, and a scatter count to get to the bonus.



When playing Cash-O-Matic there’s a multiplier on the left hand side of the screen, the multiplier goes up every time an entire row is made. In the main game, the multiplier starts at 1x, then 2x, then 4x and at the very top is 10x.

The multiplier is also represented in the bonus game, but here the multiplier depends on the amount of scatters collected. The table below illustrates the amount of scatters needed for the various multipliers to be active.

10-14 Scatters15-19 Scatters20+ Scatters
Level 420x30x50x
Level 38x12x20x
Level 23x6x10x
Level 12x3x5x


In both the main game and in the free spins bonus game avalanche is active. Avalanche means if a connection is formed from left to right, the symbols are locked to the screen and all other symbols are deleted. New symbols drop down, and if another connection is made, or one of the new symbols matches the previous locked symbols, it will continue. Each time additional symbols are added, the total win increases.

Free Spins Bonus

The free spins bonus on Cash-O-Matic is quite different from other bonuses seen in the slots world. To get the bonus a player must collect a minimum of 10 scatters in a single spin. The scatters are dropped down with the normal symbols, and for each scatter dropped down, the count goes up. 

The amount of scatters collected defines the amount of free spins given in the bonus. The scatters also define the multiplier as we explained earlier on. The total amount of scatters possible on Cash-O-Matic is 18 for each reel, giving a total of 90.

While the bonus is active, players can also get extra spins by getting a complete row filled out. Each row gives one extra free spin, and each row is also what makes the multiplier go up.

Cash-O-Matic on mobile

The slot is optimized for all devices, making it available on both mobile, tablet and desktop. Mobile devices can use both iOS and Android, as the game is optimized for both.


Cash-O-Matic is a new type of slot, with amazing features and a vegas like feeling when playing it. The music and animations makes the game exciting, and the avalanche feature assisted by the multiplier feature makes the game feel like no other.

Even though the slot is considered a high volatile slot, we believe it’s worth a shot. The game is an experience, and you might end up liking it!

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Play Cash-O-Matic at a licensed casino

As the game is made by NetEnt it’s available on many online casinos. Check out our list of NetEnt casinos to find your preferred casino with the game available!

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