In this guide we will talk about what wagering is, how you wager, what the common rules for wagering are and also which slots to wager your money on.

What is Wagering?

If you choose to accept a bonus from a casino, and therefore receive bonus money, there’s usually a wager requirement you have to fulfill to be able to withdraw your winnings. Wagering is simply added to make sure you can’t just withdraw the extra money you’ve been given by the casino, to have more available to play for.

What is wagering good for?

  • Wagering protects the casino, so you can’t withdraw bonus money instantly.
  • It gives you a higher balance, so you can play higher bets.
  • It gives you a possibility to play longer/more.
  • It allows the casino to give you something extra, either as a gift, a welcome offer or maybe as a part of a VIP program.
  • It’s a good way to reward players.

How do you wager/How does it work?

When you accept an offer where you receive bonus money, and have to wager the money, the amount you have to wager is calculated by the deposit you make multiplied by the number of times you have to wager the bonus money.

Let’s say you have a $100 bonus with a 35x wager, this means you have to wager $100 * 35 = $3500. To calculate the amount of spins you have to make, you take the total wager and divide it by the stake you’re spinning with. If you have a $3500 wager and do $2 spins, you have to do 3500/2 = 1750 spins before you can withdraw your money.

When a wager is finished, your bonus money will be transformed to real funds, and you’ll be able to withdraw it. Some casinos have a winning limit on wagers, meaning you’ll sometimes only be able to withdraw a portion of the winnings. This can all be read in the Terms and Conditions on the different casinos. 

Rules tied to wagering

When you receive a bonus with a wager, there’s some rules you have to follow. These rules are simply made, so you can’t get a bonus, and just wager it all on something you mathematically almost can’t lose on.

Some of the most common rules are:

  • Table Games usually wager less or not at all
  • There’s a max stake per spin/bet
  • Not all slots are eligible for wagering and some does not wager 100%
  • Progressive jackpot slots are not allowed.
  • Most casinos have a withdrawal limit when wagering.

Please read the Terms and Conditions on the casino you get a bonus on, since no casinos have the same wager rules. This means you might be able to wager on a slot on one casino, but not on another.

If you do not follow the wagering rules, the casinos are allowed to terminate your bonus.

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