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Jolly Roger (Play’N Go)

Slot by: Play'n Go

Slot review: Jolly Roger (Play’N Go)

Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) by Play’n Go is the video slot of all video slots! Prepare for a thrilling experience and try your luck with the Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) slot, where you can win up to N/A your bet! Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) is guaranteed to bring you hours of entertainment and excitement, mostly because of the gameplay, but also because of the incredible graphics and the ambitious soundtrack. Get your bets ready and prepare for a video slot experience that will blow you away and make you value the day that you heard about Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) for the first time.

Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) – RTP

The RTP of Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) is 94.98% which is considered to be in the middle of the scale. In other words it’s not that bad, but it’s not perfect either. What it means for the player, is that the chance of getting a high return on their bet, is lower than the slotswith a high RTP. If you are the type of player that prefer to play for a long time and increasing your stack slowly Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) is the perfect slot for you.

Volatility on Jolly Roger (Play’N Go)

The volatility of Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) is Low which means that it gives the player more chances to win, but with lower payouts. That makes Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) slightly less exhilarating than slotswith high volatility, but on the other hand it will give more steady wins. That makes this slot Ideal for player who prefer to take it slow and not risking everything on their first bet.

Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) by Play’n Go

Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) is a unique slot from Play’n Go who is known for providing some of the best online slots in the business. Play’n Go has managed to make the perfect combination between graphics and gameplay, making Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) a slot that is bound to be favoured among most online slot players. The credentials and reputation of Play’n Go speaks for itself and anyone who knows just a bit about the world of slot machines, will agree to this.

Theme of Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) At this point there is no details available about the theme of this slot.

Features on Jolly Roger (Play’N Go)

When it comes to features Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) offers 4 different ones. They are there to provide the player with an extra chance to win really big, and to enjoy an thrilling and stirring time, when playing the slot. Some features are really rewarding for the player whilst others helps out when the stack is low. It all comes down to luck and you can win a small amount or you can win massive! This alone is all the incitement needed for players to get started with Jolly Roger (Play’N Go).

Features included in Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) are:

  • Bonus Game
  • RTP range
  • Scatter symbols
  • Wild

Mobile availability

Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) are accessible on most devices. So if you prefer to play on your mobile device this is possible. If you want to be certain that your mobile device supports Jolly Roger (Play’N Go), you can find this information on the homepage of the casino or the Play’n Go.

Conclusion on Jolly Roger (Play’N Go)

The final conclusion on Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) is that it is a very amusing slot, that provides the player with countless hours of fun. The mix of 4 features and a RTP of 94.98% on each spin, ensures that the players have a acceptable amount of variation on each spin. The slot comes with a max win of N/A on each spin, bringing great potential for massive wins. The bet size goes from €0.01 all the way up to €75 on each spin. This an amazing feature from Play’n Go as it makes it possible for players with a low bankroll, to also take part in and enjoy the game. To top it all off Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) is also available on mobile devices, which is a huge plus in our opinion.

Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) – Related Slots

If you belong to the group of players who enjoyed your time on Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) then it could be possible that you would also enjoy some similar slots. They way they can be similar is either because they have the same or a similar theme. It is not sure that the slot is from the same provider, but it could be.

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Slot FAQ

Is it costly to play Jolly Roger (Play’N Go)?
No. Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) can be played just for fun and without the need to place real bets.

Can you play Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) from your mobile device?
Yes, Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) can be enjoyed from most smartphones and tablets.

Is there a specific way to win in Jolly Roger (Play’N Go)?
Chance is your only way to win when you play Jolly Roger (Play’N Go). There are no shortcuts.

Are Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) offering features?
Yes. Jolly Roger (Play’N Go) offers several features such as Bonus Game, RTP range, Scatter symbols and Wild.

Jolly Roger (Play’N Go)Info

Provider: Play'n Go
Release date: 29-11-2012
Type: Video Slots
RTP: 94.98
Volatility: Low
Max Win: N/A
Min bet €: 0.01
Max bet €: 75
Layout: 5-3
Paylines/Betways: 15
Features: Bonus Game, RTP range, Scatter symbols, Wild
Objects: Skull, Treasures
Genre: Adventure
Others: Brown, Sky blue, Pirates, Wood, Sea, Water
Mobile: Yes
Technology: JS, HTML5

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